Our Story

Database + Workflow Solutions is an innovative consultancy and software development firm. We are comprised of an incredibly talented and integral team who are always looking to improve efficiency and solve problems. Our goal is to help relieve the stress of running a business.

We have been delivering highly functional solutions to clients from industries including Construction & Trades, Healthcare, Recruitment, Logistics, Travel & Entertainment, and Clothing & Apparel for over 8 years. Our solutions have been helping clients in their day-to-day tasks of scheduling, payroll, quoting & sales, quality control, automation, production, manufacturing, and project management, just to name a few.

Location is no barrier! Our multiple locations across Australia, allow us to service your business needs on-site or remotely, wherever you are.

Our solutions are built primarily on the Claris platform. Database + Workflow Solutions is a proud Claris Partner. We would love to hear about your business and how we can help you take it to the next level!


Our Skill sets

Database + Workflow Solutions is an innovative software development business, specialising in CRM software, POS systems and custom FileMaker Pro development.


Work Done

Database + Workflow Solutions is an innovative software development business, specialising in CRM software, POS


Client satisfied

Database + Workflow Solutions is an innovative software development business, specialising in CRM software, POS

What We Do


Business Apps

We create business apps that allow you to do what you do best – whatever that may be. Our apps will streamline your processes, while improving your efficiency and accuracy… ultimately saving you time and money!

Remote Access

Our solutions allow you to take your business and processes everywhere! We provide cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web to ensure you are never too far from your valuable data.

Custom Solutions

No two businesses are identical. So, why should you have to conform to the structures of other businesses? Our apps are fully customizable to suit the ever-changing needs of your business.


We love bringing other technologies to the party! Our solutions can work alongside other platforms and technologies in order to give you a complete business solution. Some of our favourite integrations include Xero, MYOB, Google, PayPal, Stripe, Twilio and Dropbox.


Have a specific problem or concept you need help with or just looking for us to guide you on your development journey while showing you some tips and tricks along the way? Our experienced Filemaker developers can help you get there.

How we do it

Our Process


Our first consultation is absolutely FREE! We will get a brief history and understanding of your business, and also learn about your goals and objectives. We offer both on-site and virtual consultations.


Once we know your pain points and primary objectives, we can start exploring how this affects your business. We will have multiple collaborative Discovery sessions with critical stakeholders to determine the finer details.


Now that we understand your business, we can provide you a Quote. As each project is different, we will provide you with multiple options.


Now that we understand what you need, we can start building it. We will provide you weekly updates so you are always in control of the size and cost of the project.


More Info

It is impossible for us to tell you exactly how much your custom software will cost. The scope of our work can be as big or as small as you like. During our discovery sessions, we will work with you to identify the solution that best meets your needs and provide you with various options to get there.

We will work with you to find a suitable payment structure dependent on the scope of your project and your requirements. We can offer lump sum or monthly payments, or hourly billing. Let’s chat to see what can work for you and your business.

As with price, it is difficult to estimate a timeline without understanding your current systems and processes. We will work with you to understand your priorities and cash flow, which will help us provide an estimate for the timeline of the project.

As a Database + Workflow Solutions client, you will receive access to our Client Portal. The Client Portal will show your active projects and their current priorities, any recent time logs, and your account balance. During the initial build, we will also provide you with weekly short video updates.

All IP (Intellectual Property) is retained by DBWF Solutions Pty Ltd. You will be granted a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use the IP at your discretion, without resale or licensing. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding Intellectual Property.

The database is backed up at a minimum once every 24 hours. Additionally, all hosted databases are secured using powerful AES 256-bit encryption. Sometimes we require the use of third parties in order to provide you with a complete solution. We are very diligent in our selection of trusted providers and ensure all third parties that we leverage meet our own high standards of data security. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding data storage and security.

We are one of Australia’s largest and most active Claris Partner, with over 25 years of combined Filemaker and custom app development experience. Our energetic team are extremely passionate about solving technological and procedural problems in the workplace.

We use proven innovative technologies and methodologies to provide our Clients with the best solutions in today’s fast-changing technological world. We provide 24/7 remote support and critical on-site support.

We are a proud Claris partner.